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Thanks so much for the support, guys! It means a lot to me! ^^

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Please don't thank me for favs/watches/llamas. It's really just spam to me. But you're very welcome. Really. You are. Always and forever. And if you want to talk or anything, that's totally cool with me. ^^

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Tagged by: :iconatlasben:.


1. Each person has to share 10 things about them
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
4. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that" 
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people

6. No tag-backs 

10 things about me:

1. I don't usually do tags. If this hadn't caught me so early in the morning, there's an 98.43% chance that I would have deleted it, but my morning fatigue makes me oddly open to suggestion.

2. I indeed did not forget those requests I piled up 2.5 months ago, and once in a while I look over those messages to remind myself that, though I feel productive most days, I still need to shift my energy to that as soon as my life settles down.

3. I find it hard to write lists about myself because, when I come back next year to re-read them, I always find at least one of the items to be wrong. This leaves me with the impression that I've lied to people, but I make no effort to correct it.

4. I have endured both Human Centipede and Boku no Pico. I intend to endure Human Centipede 2 and possibly 2 Girls 1 Cup if the mood strikes me, just because I appreciate my tolerance for otherwise horrifying things, and because I like to remember that the odd things I do on the Internet will never be as bad as those creations.

5. I think that BDSM is an interesting concept to study in my downtime. Everyone around me thinks I'm either perverted or insane, but really I just enjoy psychology and studying most (socially-considered) taboo subjects.

6. I sometimes wonder how many people read these lists and actually allow the information contained therein to change their perceptions of me. I am also inclined to wonder who originally created the concept of tagging, and how long it lived for before people decided to refuse the tags.

7. I check deviantART and Skype almost constantly, and have considered more than once that it may have too much of a bearing on my life. 

8. I used to want to be more popular here, until learning from my more popular friends that it a) has no relevance to your life, b) doesn't really make you feel better about what you're doing, and c) just tends to warrant a lot of fans bothering you for attention. Though I would appreciate more attention because I'm a needy social creature, I don't ever want to reach the point where I find my fans annoying, and I realize that that may not be able to be avoided at that level.

9. I run out of ideas for these way too quickly.

10. Here is my demonstration of that.

Questions to me:

1. What were you doing before getting tagged
I was bathing. Now that I've induced a nosebleed by leaning over the edge of the bathtub to type and have only one hand free to do so that isn't rapidly catching my lifeblood, I'm beginning to regret my immediate decisions.

2. What if you were to meet your own OC in a battle against each other?
Question why we were fighting and take him somewhere fancy. We'd both hate the uptight décor and laugh it off later over drinks.

3. What's your favorite type of candy?
I'm partial to all sorts of things, so I don't know.

4. Who would you like to meet in RL in a restaurant?
Cecil Baldwin, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles or Benedict Cumberbatch. Just because it would be cool to run into an actor and see what they were really like.

5. You are suspected for murder. What do you say to defend yourself?
"Prove it."

6. Which is your favorite Pokemon character? (( from the games ))
*WHEEZE* I'm going to say Prof. Birch, but I really don't know.

7. Where would you want to go this summer?

8. What will you do if you had a crush on someone and you catch him proposing to someone you hate?
(Why assume it's a guy?) I'd let them make their own choices, because it's not my business at all.

9. Who is your closest friend from the DA community?
The closest friend I have whom I originally met on deviantART would be :iconlucariolus:.

10. Do you like get forced to tag others?
Contrary to all that BDSM research on subs, I don't like to be forced to do anything. ;)

Questions to others:

1. Do you have any allergies?
2. Are you afraid of centipedes? (Bonus points if you're a Gemini.)
3. Do you think that your online portrayal of yourself matches up with how you act in real life?
4. How did you end up joining deviantART? Do you regret doing it that way?
5. Would you rather have unlimited money and be forced to remain in your state/province, or have an unlimited plane ticket that you can use for the rest of your life and be unable to hold a steady source of income?
6. Do you have the rest of your life planned out?
7. What is that one crazy aspiration that you want to fulfill, but don't want to tell anyone because you think it's unreasonable or stupid?
8. Have you ever bought music and wondered the next week why you bothered because you listened to it too much and didn't like it anymore?
9. Have you ever legitimately enjoyed something, but felt bad because it was Internet custom not to enjoy that thing?
10. At this moment, are you ultimately content with yourself as a person? (This is a yes or no question only. What you do with the answer is up to you.)

People I tag:

Nobody, because you can all decide what you want to waste your life on. XD
  • Mood: Passionate
  • Listening to: Fallen Leaves- Billy Talent

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